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Does the World Need More Content?

I am not speaking about poetry, science or literature. I mean marketing content, AI-generated content in posts, blogs, articles.

We know that the big players in digital platforms encourage us to publish as often as possible, in the formats they prefer. This is the condition for their algorithms to position our posts higher, more visible to our audience and beyond.

In answer to that requirement and to ease marketeer's work, AI solutions such as Writesonic or Jasper automatically create content.

Tornado of published ai-generated content

As a result, in the fight for attention, never so much has been written on so little. The Internet is becoming a very noisy place.

Robert Rose tells the story* of a company in the gaming space, who wants to figure out how to ramp up their article production (using an artificial intelligence solution) from 25 to more than 500 per week, or 30,000 posts every year.

"You read those numbers correctly: 30.000 posts per year.

No wonder creating a content marketing strategy feels like shouting into a hurricane these days." says Robert.

He continues by arguing that the mission of content creators isn’t to avoid creating noise or focus only on creating signals. "It is is to make the most “right people” (i.e., those in your desired audience) care.

This is the art of creating signals among noise, to be the right signal to the right audience"

Will these new AI tools help us spreading content and increase our presence? Probably, but so many posts talking about the same subjects with variants seem absurd.

Shouldn’t we use the Internet platforms as we wish and resist to the digital marketing conformity, led by the guidelines from these platforms and the tricks of influencers?

I think we should. Content must be created to bring value to our audience and build a dialogue. It should reflect who we are and be the extension of our business, not be a revenue generator for the GAFA.

Anyway, I believe quality will win over time as only relevance will convert, not communication noise.

* Source:

Content Marketing Institute - How To Stop Burying Your Content Signal In So Much Noise by Robert Rose


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