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The future is audio search

Podcasts offer a nice alternative to radio programs or music from your favorite player as they are an opportunity to learn or be entertained on the go.

As our friends from This Old Marketing point in their podcast, audio content is increasing as a format that readers appreciate because it allows them to be able to multitask. You can listen to your favorite podcast while walking, cooking, driving. But this is more than podcasts, audio articles and text-to-audio converters are on the rise.

a man with headphones

Publishers are creating different audio versions of their articles. As brands become like media companies - or have the opportunity to do so - to take full advantage of content marketing, companies should definitively look at this opportunity to add a new content format.

Indeed, in 5 to 10 years, we won't type into textual Search tools anymore, we will ask our voice assistants for search results and we will expect to get an audio answer, not to stop and look at textual results.

Content creation today is mostly text. We should anticipate the increasing need for audio content and start exploring these new opportunities to reach our audiences, if not for now, for tomorrow.


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