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6 successful content marketing trends

Fresh from the 2021 Content Marketing World Conference and Expo this month in Cleveland Ohio, here are a few trends on content strategies:

1. Email is not dead. A research by The Tilt shows that the content entrepreneurs generate most of their revenue from their email newsletter and their blog (not as we could expect from their Youtube channel or Instagram).Where social channels provide a wonderful opportunity to start, most successful entrepreneurs are later moving their audience to their owned space.

Emailing in not dead

2. Less (channels) is more. Successful content entrepreneurs focus on few channels to be great and remarkable. To go for quality and consistency, you can't do it all when you start your digital presence and deploy your content.

3. It's about empowerment. Companies using content marketing at its best are not focusing on themselves, in other words, they are not centralising the storytelling. Instead they give tools to their employees to enable them telling their stories. Instead of providing 'a well' full of content, they build a world, an immersive place to empower the storytelling of their employees.

4. Have a big goal in mind. Be ambitious and communicate your ideas. You can have a world changing goal for a small audience. Example of Bankless llc, expert in cryptofinance, who runs a successful business with a newsletter and a podcast.

5. Focus on one objective. You can's build awareness, generate leads and build loyalty at the same time on the same tool (such as your blog). Solve the problem where it hurts the most. Build one solution at the time.

6. Build for change. There is no perfect content strategy. All successful companies have changed their content strategy several times. The operational model must allow change. 'No-plan' or 'in-the-stone plan' won't lead to success. Flexibility and resilience in team, content, organisation, topics are key.

The conference also speaks about the rise of social tokenisation and a new generation of loyalty programs based on crypto coins. A specific post will follow on that topic.


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